Posted by: suryadi achmad | March 10, 2014

It’s a Good Thing that Alf*mart Rejected Him

Achmad Suryadi, a University student, proves that strengeth comes from all the efforts of hardwork and determination.

by Dzakia Permata Hati

dzakia's reportFour years ago, he is just a high school graduate student working as a salesclerk in a department store. He worked 7 hours per day with little money. “I didn’t mind much because that’s a high school graduate could do,” he said. “If I were a vocational high school graduate, I might find a better job.” Making money is not something new for him. When he was in high school, he sold phone’s bill and taught some high school subjects too. He was working to help his parents pay for his school needs. Graduated, he worked to save money for studying in university. It was his biggest dream at that time. He was looking for another job to get more money. One day, he saw a job applicant brochure. Then he went to the place to ask for a job. There, he was interviewed and given a thing to sell. He had to pay for about 400.000 rupiahs. However, since he does not have much money, he only paid 30.000 rupiahs. “I went to a cybercafé to check if the company was a feud or not, and it really was,” he explained with laugh. He decided to back to his passion, which is teaching. He taught children to read Koran. He was paid 700 rupiahs per child. “It was not a big deal. I enjoyed teaching. I was more comfortable there compared with working in the department store.”

“God, is my dream wrong?”

When there was a job offer from alf*mart as a merchandiser, he did not hesitate to sign up. The selection was pretty tight, from about 100 people reduced to two people. The two lucky people will be interviewed and one of them is him. He was not expected to be that lucky. He was asked some questions. One of them is his motivation to sign up the job. “I don’t mind worked anyplace as long as there is a university there. I want to reach my dream.” It was almost three weeks and he had not got any call. He went there to get a confirmation. He did not even sit, when he met the interviewee and he said that he did not get the job. “He said that alf*mart did not want its workers study in university,” he said. “I went home and cried. God, is my dream wrong?” His mother said that God had better plans to him. His mother encouraged him to find another job. He is so proud to be his son. She is only an elementary graduate, but she is a hard worker. She is the most inspiring person for him. “The most notable thing that she has said to me is doing everything with your heart. Don’t try to impress people because when you are failed you will be very disappointed,” he explained with teary eyes.

God really has a better plan.

“I remembered that my mom has a friend whose son worked in a tutoring place and could study in Unpad. Thus, I asked her contact.”  He could find the tutoring place and asked for a job. The test was called microteaching. “I was very nervous but I believe I can do it.”  He was accepted to work there. People there supported him to continue his study. They gave him information about University of Indonesia and Library study. He was very happy that he could study in University of Indonesia. He had applied a scholarship, but it had not been announced yet. “It was announced after the deadline of the administration.” He was not registered in University of Indonesia. He had to fight it. Thus he went to UI and explained why he could not pay the administration. “I joined the orientation very late. Even, other new students think that I was a lecturer,” said this blood type B guy. “I went to orientation with my work shirt and shoes.” 

He works, studies, and does other stuff.

Brosur, his nickname given by his friends, joined many activities and organizations in his campus. He loves to join activities which are held by his scholarship, Dompet Dhuafa Etos. They make him busy but happy “They were fun. I could help people and contribute to society.” The most memorable experience is when he gave a presentation of his paper in Japan. “We know how far we go, when we see other people. Japan is very different with our country, well-organized and more discipline.” He believes it is such a pity if we have been raised in the great university but achieve nothing. He wants to get experience as many as possible, so he represents his department to join mapres ( Mahasiswa Berprestasi). Now, besides busy doing thesis, he is running his business Radja Rental, and doing his hobby which is mountain climbing. According to him, mountain climbing can make us feel close to the nature and banish vanity from our heart. “Nature is big and beautiful. It proves how almighty God is and how small humans are.” 


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